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19 Apr 2022
@andi:kack.itandi-It likely already work but isn't being linked to 07:36:59
@zhaofeng:zhaofeng.liZhaofeng Li
In reply to @andi:kack.it
It likely already work but isn't being linked to
Indeed, https://logs.nixos.dev/room/!UKDpaKNNsBpOPfLWfX:zhaofeng.li/ does work! Could you link it on the front page?
@zhaofeng:zhaofeng.liZhaofeng LiThank you so much for maintaining this!07:39:08
@andi:kack.itandi-Of you set the room to permit guests the log bot should join within the hour 07:39:26
@zhaofeng:zhaofeng.liZhaofeng LiHistory is already set to be visible to "Anyone" for that room07:41:09
@andi:kack.itandi- Regarding the front page: I can only link to it from https://nixos.dev but not from logs.nixos.dev... I should really patch that tool to allow that but last time I looked it didn't look like a quick hack 07:48:47
@andi:kack.itandi-https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-static/blob/d830d478936c8bf2bccb3c63f3432c421fd208e4/mxclient/public-rooms.go#L61-L73 is the code in question07:52:01
@andi:kack.itandi-Should probably be changed to using the spaces API07:53:03
@andi:kack.itandi-(which isn't supported by the go client lib)07:55:03
27 Apr 2022
@multun:nixos.devmultun joined the room.16:38:07
23 May 2022
@j4m3s:prologin.orgj4m3s changed their display name from j4m3s to tototo.15:58:08
@j4m3s:prologin.orgj4m3s changed their display name from tototo to j4m3s.15:59:08
28 May 2022
@mic92:nixos.dev@mic92:nixos.dev changed their display name from Mic92 to Mic92 (Old).10:26:14
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5 Jun 2022
@winterqt:nixos.devWinter (she/her)Anyone have any idea why I'd be getting logged out from this Element instance every few weeks-ish?01:34:28
9 Jun 2022
@winterqt:nixos.devWinter (she/her) andi-: Did you happen to clear history at some point in the past few months? I lost a bunch of DMs for example. 12:54:06
@andir:nixos.devAndreas Rammholdnope12:54:26
@andir:nixos.devAndreas RammholdThe server purges channels that has nobody in them every once in a while. As long as you are in your DMs you should have access.12:54:54
@winterqt:nixos.devWinter (she/her)nope, i lost like, all my DMs :/12:59:19
@winterqt:nixos.devWinter (she/her) there was also an error while viewing one of the DMs that suffered this fate, that may shed some light onto something? "Tried to load a specific point in this room's timeline, but you do not have permission to view the message in question." 13:32:43
@winterqt:nixos.devWinter (she/her)a new room had to be made entirely :/13:33:03
@winterqt:nixos.devWinter (she/her) andi-: apologies for poking again, but is there any way you could like, go back and see how this could've possibly happened somehow? if not that's fine, this is just a bit concerning and i hope it doesn't happen again. thanks! 15:01:28
16 Jul 2022
@squalus:nixos.devsqualus joined the room.17:41:16
31 Jul 2022
@yusdacra:nixos.devdusk changed their profile picture.13:35:00
3 Aug 2022
@lassulus:nixos.devlassulusfor some weird reason all profile pictures disappeared08:13:39
@lassulus:nixos.devlassulusor maybe it's just me08:13:58
@andir:nixos.devAndreas RammholdInteresting. I updated the server yesterday.11:59:57
@andir:nixos.devAndreas RammholdTo this supposedly stable NixOS (very experimental distro, not sure if you heard of it ;-))12:00:16
@andir:nixos.devAndreas RammholdIt certainly logs a ton about remote media fetching12:02:00
@andir:nixos.devAndreas RammholdI'll try to give this a closer look in the evening.12:03:39

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