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19 Jul 2023
@pijun:matrix.orgZenaida macroura changed their display name from Nesoenas mayeri to pijun.17:43:31
21 Jul 2023
@o1lo01ol1o:begin.ems.hosto1lo01ol1o joined the room.15:53:48
@o1lo01ol1o:begin.ems.hosto1lo01ol1oIs there an non-interactive way to install nix as a root user? I need to overlay nix on an ubuntu image in docker.15:54:20
@o1lo01ol1o:begin.ems.hosto1lo01ol1ofound: https://github.com/DeterminateSystems/nix-installer16:11:19
@o1lo01ol1o:begin.ems.hosto1lo01ol1o left the room.17:01:14
24 Jul 2023
@k900:conduit.0upti.meK900 (deprecated) changed their profile picture.15:45:00
@k900:conduit.0upti.meK900 (deprecated) changed their profile picture.15:46:06
25 Jul 2023
@federicodschonborn:matrix.orgFederico Damián Schonborn changed their profile picture.01:57:02
27 Jul 2023
@ribosomerocker:matrix.orgribosomerocker joined the room.03:04:41
2 Aug 2023
@matthewkenigsberg:matrix.orgMatthew Kenigsberg abathur: did the rebase on https://github.com/NixOS/experimental-nix-installer/pull/2, can you approve CI to run? 14:37:55
@matthewkenigsberg:matrix.orgMatthew Kenigsberg abathur: could you give me permission to trigger runs? 23:29:29
3 Aug 2023
@abathur:matrix.orgabathurI would, but I don't think I can. I have a very teeny-tiny settings list for it. I'm not sure if we need to find someone w/ keys, or if just getting you added to the Nix org in some capacity would work...00:24:58
@abathur:matrix.orgabathuror get you added as a collaborator00:30:10
@pijun:matrix.orgZenaida macroura changed their profile picture.03:14:31
@pijun:matrix.orgZenaida macroura changed their display name from pijun to Zenaida macroura.03:17:35
@matthewkenigsberg:matrix.orgMatthew KenigsbergOkay do you know who would be best to ask?03:18:45
7 Aug 2023
@pijun:matrix.orgZenaida macroura changed their profile picture.16:42:33
@pijun:matrix.orgZenaida macroura changed their profile picture.16:48:37
@matthewkenigsberg:matrix.orgMatthew Kenigsberg graham: would it be possible to add me to the experimental-nix-installer repo as a collaborator? Or should I be added to the Nix org? 18:58:31
13 Aug 2023
@10leej:matrix.orgnevoyu joined the room.01:27:33
14 Aug 2023
@k900:0upti.meK900 ⚡️ changed their display name from K900 (Old) to K900 ⚡️.16:09:34
@k900:0upti.meK900 ⚡️ changed their display name from K900 ⚡️ to K900 (⚡️ migration pending).16:23:31
15 Aug 2023
@k900:0upti.meK900 ⚡️ changed their display name from K900 (⚡️ migration pending) to K900 ⚡️.08:48:57
@k900:conduit.0upti.meK900 (deprecated) changed their display name from K900 to K900 (deprecated).08:49:12
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29 Aug 2023
@hoverbear:matrix.orgAna I'm recovering from illness and won't be able to make the meeting Wednesday. There are no major updates on my side. Matthew Kenigsberg abathur 00:33:41
@matthewkenigsberg:matrix.orgMatthew Kenigsberg Hope you feel better! No major updates from me - do you want to cancel abathur? 19:38:06
3 Sep 2023
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4 Sep 2023
@ulrikstrid:matrix.orgUlrik Strid left the room.06:34:44
13 Sep 2023
@hoverbear:matrix.orgAna abathur: https://cafebedouin.org/2019/11/10/the-asshole-filter/ 14:30:56

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