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20 Jul 2024
@setthemfree:matrix.orgundltd joined the room.10:44:50
@monadam1:matrix.orgmonadam1I might be able to help in a few hours when I have access to my laptop, but I'm not an expert like others here.10:54:57
@monadam1:matrix.orgmonadam1For better or worse, most Americans wake up soon and it's Saturday.10:58:03
@monadam1:matrix.orgmonadam1I just have a flight in a few hours10:59:08
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@ghadfg:matrix.orgポポロhow do i fix this error ?11:01:59
@ghadfg:matrix.orgポポロpythonPackages.opencc does not exits11:02:21
@ghadfg:matrix.orgポポロopencc is in pip11:02:39
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@opna2608:matrix.orgPunapackage opencc as a python module prolly, https://nixos.org/manual/nixpkgs/stable/#buildpythonpackage-function11:07:36
@emma:rory.gayEmma [it/its]youll ahve to package it then, it links against libc11:07:39
@monadam1:matrix.orgmonadam1Would anyone like to take a stab at a nixpkg of an compiler for an obscure math language that compiles its C++ modules at runtime?11:11:17
@emma:rory.gayEmma [it/its]why does that sound like R11:11:34
@emma:rory.gayEmma [it/its]in any case, i think i got the stuff-from-other-nixpkgs working11:12:42
@monadam1:matrix.orgmonadam1Well R isn't strongly typed11:12:46
@emma:rory.gayEmma [it/its]ah11:14:44
@monadam1:matrix.orgmonadam1And this one doesn't cause me to wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares of my stats class.11:15:05
In reply to @opna2608:matrix.org
package opencc as a python module prolly, https://nixos.org/manual/nixpkgs/stable/#buildpythonpackage-function

i need rebuid ?
I am a beginner in nixos. Can you be more precise?

It is not in nixpkgs of nixos. Why can't cat be found (error)?


@username:yatrix.orgFHD joined the room.11:18:39
@opna2608:matrix.orgPunaDownload opencc-python.nix11:27:41
python-opencc = pkgs.callPackage ./opencc-python.nix { };

then use that instead f pkgs.opencc in your buildInputs

@opna2608:matrix.orgPuna *
python-opencc = pkgs.callPackage ./opencc-python.nix { };

then use that instead of pkgs.opencc in your buildInputs

@monadam1:matrix.orgmonadam1If anyone is feeling charitable and up for a brain buster, here's an issue that stumped me https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/324970 I'm going offline but I will definitely read and reply to all suggestions and critques.12:04:04
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In reply to @opna2608:matrix.org
python-opencc = pkgs.callPackage ./opencc-python.nix { };

then use that instead of pkgs.opencc in your buildInputs

its look like not working
@k900:0upti.meK900 You can't have both pip install and Nix build inputs 12:07:52
@k900:0upti.meK900Use one12:07:58
@ghadfg:matrix.orgポポロthat why pip uninstall opencc12:08:42
@k900:0upti.meK900I have no idea what is in your virtualenv at this point12:09:30

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