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24 Jan 2022
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedJust a visual artifact? 23:40:13
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrnot sure23:40:28
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedOther simple definitions only use 3 ID bytes, too: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/drivers/mtd/spi-nor/xmc.c23:41:08
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr should be fine, comparison happens against .id_len 23:41:47
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr from the expansion of the INFO macro 23:42:03
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedI think I can see what went wrong23:43:42
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTified The patch supplies five arguments to INFO 23:43:51
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTified * The patch supplies five arguments to INFO 23:43:56
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedbut it expects only 4 🤔23:44:03
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrI was about to say23:44:09
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrsomething else23:44:15
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedThat seems a bit off23:44:22
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr Used when the "_ext_id" is two bytes at most 23:44:20
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrthere was a change recently enough23:44:30
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTified(At least in comparison with the xmc.c definition)23:44:34
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrso this patch is bitrotted a little23:44:40
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedOh okay, I already fixed it so that the Makefile patch applies23:44:55
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedThanks, that might be the culprit then23:45:07

two changes even

@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrignore the latter one, I guess it could be fine23:45:45
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr * ignore the latter one, I guess it could be fine23:46:09
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedGuess I'll have to source the other flash listed in that patch to test both definitions before resubmitting that patch 😀 23:47:56
25 Jan 2022
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedOkay, I was targeting 5.10, whereas the changes came afterwards00:04:00
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTified Oviously failed to compile, and INFO takes 5 args there 00:04:16
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedBut then what might cause it to not work? 🤔00:05:47
@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTifiedGuess I found the culprit. https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/4aa1b8257fba5931511a7e152bcbbb3dd673c6c1/drivers/mtd/spi-nor/core.c#L1831-L1850 It doesn't get added to this list00:27:03
[    0.000000] GICv3: 256 SPIs implemented
[    0.000000] GICv3: 0 Extended SPIs implemented
[    2.456530] spi-nor spi1.0: xt25f32b (4096 Kbytes)

That looks successful 🙂

@schnecfk:ruhr-uni-bochum.deCRTified Thanks for your help samueldr 01:11:29
@k900:0upti.meK900Good news 11:12:54

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