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13 Jul 2024
@zhaofeng:zhaofeng.liZhaofeng LiAfter I rework the flake evaluation (right now we do the getFlake "hack"), yes21:20:27
@zhaofeng:zhaofeng.liZhaofeng Li
In reply to @ser:sergevictor.eu
error: The option `nixdnsrv1' does not exist. Definition values:

It can be something like { host_a = ...; } // (import ./bunch-of-other-nodes.nix)

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14 Jul 2024
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16 Jul 2024
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18 Jul 2024
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19 Jul 2024
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2 Jan 2022
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3 Jan 2022
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4 Jan 2022
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5 Jan 2022
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@rgrunbla:matrix.orgReventlovhello there07:51:20
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I'm getting the following error on a simple deployment at the moment:

-> % colmena apply
[INFO ] Enumerating nodes...
error: infinite recursion encountered

       at /nix/store/y41rr1klzvwrmjs6smyl8kd1ipa5m5kj-source/lib/modules.nix:305:28:

          304|         builtins.addErrorContext (context name)
          305|           (args.${name} or config._module.args.${name})
             |                            ^
          306|       ) (lib.functionArgs f);
(use '--show-trace' to show detailed location information)
[ERROR] -----
[ERROR] Operation failed with error: Nix exited with error code: 1

NixOS config is

{ config, lib, pkgs, modulesPath, home-manager, ... }:
  deployment = {
    targetHost = "192.168.x.y";
    targetUser = "nixos";
    tags = [ "rpi" "lab" ];

  imports = [
    (home-manager + "/nixos")
@necrophcodr:matrix.orgnecrophcodrAny ideas on how I could debug that?15:57:46

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