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11 Jun 2024
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rbim not at all knowledgeable in the details, but my idea was that if most of the build can be done outside the VM and just a small bit needs to be done inside, then it should be good, but yeah itll probably be much slower20:12:17
@atemu12:matrix.orgAtemuThat doesn't work; the whole build process is a single drv.20:14:55
@atemu12:matrix.orgAtemuBesides, this is an optimisation; we can patch the build system without any crazy mount setups fooling the build system20:15:28
@jaen:matrix.orgjaen Also, we could just patch cp — https://github.com/nix-community/robotnix/pull/203/files#diff-f4eb7f67d1474c710f28e1fb28333066e0b8f2352ae4da6c05d151d34761fcb0R89-R97 xD 20:26:23
12 Jun 2024
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@erahhal:matrix.orgerahhalJust wanted to mention that I didn't abandon that Lineage 21 branch. Just got swamped at work.20:34:22
@atemu12:matrix.orgAtemuNo pressure21:03:49
15 Jun 2024
@jaen:matrix.orgjaen Ok, so I slowly started looking at updating GrapheneOS, cribbing liberally from https://github.com/nix-community/robotnix/pull/203. One thing I'm currently stuck at is trying to compile kernel — it seems it has broken with the nixpkgs update. It complains about missing __isoc23_strtoul symbol when linking compiled object files. That probably means, that for some reason the compiler sees headers that are newer than library binaries it tries to link against. But I'm not really sure how I should go about debugging how those values end up in the compilation env. Or alternatively, are there any good examples of using older glibc somewhere? 18:58:07
@jaen:matrix.orgjaenAlso, on a more positive note, treefmt fixed the two issues I've discovered in my PR, so that should be ready for review/merge (after the Python fixes of course).19:41:09
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17 Jun 2024
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21 Jun 2024
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22 Jun 2024
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24 Jun 2024
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28 Jun 2024
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29 Jun 2024
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3 Jul 2024
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4 Jul 2024
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9 Jul 2024
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10 Jul 2024
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15 Jul 2024
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16 Jul 2024
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19 Jul 2024
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20 Jul 2024
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