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26 Oct 2021
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28 Oct 2021
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6 Nov 2021
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7 Nov 2021
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8 Nov 2021
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11 Nov 2021
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14 Nov 2021
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@viq:hackerspace.plviq Is this a good place to ask about using virtualisation.oci-containers? Specifically, trying to connect a container to a macvlan (ideally while using podman) ? 16:52:13
15 Nov 2021
@roberthensing:matrix.orgRobert Hensing (roberth) viq: I don't see anyone from the podman team here 10:12:17
@roberthensing:matrix.orgRobert Hensing (roberth)(https://github.com/orgs/NixOS/teams/podman)10:12:30
16 Nov 2021
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17 Nov 2021
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20 Nov 2021
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23 Nov 2021
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8 Dec 2021
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27 Dec 2021
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10 Jan 2022
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12 Jan 2022
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13 Jan 2022
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15 Jan 2022
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@corbin:matrix.orgCorbinWhat's the current way that folks manage k8s resources? Is it still https://github.com/xtruder/kubenix ?21:55:45
16 Jan 2022
@arianvp:matrix.orgArianI nix-build a toJSON string that interpolates a buildContainerImage08:30:28
@arianvp:matrix.orgArianNot that advanced but does the job08:30:58

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