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2 Jul 2024
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝 * hmm, i just got a timeout locally running the lxc 6.0.1 tests 12:17:23
@hexa:lossy.networkhexais that also something nobody uses? 🤔12:17:44
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝lxc?12:18:12
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝it's the container runtime for incus and lxd :)12:18:25
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝also apparently people use it by itself, which i don't understand12:18:43
@hexa:lossy.networkhexaI know what it is 😄 Are you using it?12:20:04
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝not by itself, but i use incus containers12:20:37
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9 Jul 2024
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15 Jul 2024
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝sigh. they add new binary dependencies, change environment variable names, and put none of this in the release notes12:45:06
@hexa:lossy.networkhexawell, then speak up 🙂 12:47:11
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝yeah i already asked about the binary deps. i think i need to convince him that packagers need release notes too :)12:48:09
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝also, you know, breaking changes12:59:23
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝renaming an environment variable that's critical for virtual machines to work12:59:50
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝i sent him a message. also pointed out that he's causing himself more work this way since both the person who opened our PR and at least an Arch user opened support requrests13:01:15
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝 * 13:01:26
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝our test suite may take too long for ofborg, but it showed its worth here :)13:02:29
@hexa:lossy.networkhexayeaj, if you love something, put a test on it 😄 13:03:44
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝indeeed13:07:40
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝 * 13:07:47
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝lol, i merged 6.3 and then stgraber suggested i should pull these commits https://github.com/zabbly/incus/blob/518d9e4ee96a322fffe00e07dbdce2eb8fadf8db/.github/workflows/builds.yml#L31519:07:20
@adam:robins.wtfadamcstephens 🐝...20:29:34
18 Jul 2024
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20 Jul 2024
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