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Coordination to setup https://nixpkgs.zulipchat.com/, see https://github.com/NixOS/foundation/issues/14345 Servers

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20 Mar 2024
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21 Mar 2024
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23 Mar 2024
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@hexa:lossy.networkhexaWe enacted a new moderation policy on discussing the moderation process: https://discourse.nixos.org/t/policy-on-discussion-of-the-moderation-process/42073 tl;dr: off-topic on matrix; only on discourse or through the RFC process20:34:41
27 Mar 2024
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28 Mar 2024
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31 Mar 2024
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1 Apr 2024
@ronef:matrix.orgronefWe're prepping the Nix Financial Report, if anyone is interested to review or give some feedback let me know Interested to also hear out all potential financial risk areas we would want to list out exhaustively to make sure that at a minimum we are all aware. Examples - S3 increase, Equinix sponsorshipdrop, Fastly sponsorship drop03:32:10
@ronef:matrix.orgronefFor context this is a full breakdown of 2023, with some forward looking items into 2024/202503:32:29
@djacu:matrix.orgdjacuI have some time this week. Happy to take a look.05:46:14
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@tomberek:matrix.orgtomberek interested.. specifically with looking at what could resolve the issues. We tend to look for technical solutions, but I'd like to explore obtaining longer-term agreements... additional sources of support and funding. ( raitobezarius we've talked about this in the past) 17:41:44
2 Apr 2024
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3 Apr 2024
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7 Apr 2024

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@hexa:lossy.networkhexaI propose shorter meetings20:26:51
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I propose shorter meetings
Or worse meeting notes?
@ronef:matrix.orgronefHexa was a superhuman there ++ thank you20:46:55
@hexa:lossy.networkhexathanks 😛 20:49:31
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What is your WPM? 15 pages, that's quite a lot :D

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