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11 Jun 2021
@rrix:kickass.systemsrrix 🍕 🌎but generating the pdmps is a bit more of a pain still18:12:28
@rrix:kickass.systemsrrix 🍕 🌎i guess most/all this goes away when emacsGcc can point to a release instead of a git reference18:33:27
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In reply to @rrix:kickass.systems
yeah, i really would like to be able to trust home-manager switch to be safe to run at the park or on the bus if i need to tweak some configuration on my system
Flakes also help for that :)
@rrix:kickass.systemsrrix 🍕 🌎i guess it's nearly time to learn about all that huh21:21:20
@edwlan:m.edw.aiedwlanI just figured out overlays…21:29:05
@bhipple:matrix.brocialize.combhippleFor me, I prefer to pin the emacs community overlay, and only bump it once every ~2-4 weeks or so (batched with other chores, like pulling the latest spacemacs develop). That way I'm not always recompiling all of the native melpa files: https://github.com/bhipple/nur-packages/blob/master/overlays/emacs-overlay.nix. 22:28:44
@bhipple:matrix.brocialize.combhippleWorks pretty well if you don't care about being on the absolute bleeding edge of nightlies22:29:15
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12 Jun 2021

bhipple: That's a good idea. I recompile Emacs all the time.


If only I could stop Linux from recompiling all the time…

@joerg:bethselamin.deMic92I think my linux kernel config would compile faster than emacs with all the packages I use.21:28:10
@codygman:matrix.orgcodygmanThis might be flake specific, but does anyone have any ideas about this potential overlay issue I only seem to experience with the emacs overlay: https://github.com/divnix/devos/discussions/31722:24:46
@codygman:matrix.orgcodygmanI know using haskell you have to do compose overlays, so I thought this could be something similar22:25:30
13 Jun 2021
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@joerg:bethselamin.deMic92codygman: that's one issue I see with overlays too.09:46:05
@codygman:matrix.orgcodygmanLuckily it seems the issue is somewhat known. I'm trying to learn what I'd need to learn to debug this now, lol15:25:50
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14 Jun 2021
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15 Jun 2021
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@ralith:ralith.comRalith so what's up with 21.05? I updated and now all the LSP stuff is falling over with errors like Required package ‘dash-functional-1.2.0’ is unavailable 16:27:12
@ralith:ralith.comRalithis lsp-mode just totally broken on stable?16:37:31
@ralith:ralith.comRalithlatest git lsp-mode/lsp-ui doesn't work either..16:48:09
@ralith:ralith.comRalithugh, looks like ancient versions are showing up in my path somehow17:34:59
@ralith:ralith.comRalithhow do I find out where a load-path entry is coming from?17:37:18

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