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11 Oct 2021
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12 Oct 2021
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@john-loughran-colvin:matrix.orgjohn-loughran-colvin This might be better asked elsewhere, but is there some way to control the number of threads used when emacs is rebuilt? Or maybe just nice them a bit higher? 08:27:20
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@rrix:kickass.systemsrrix 🍕 🌎 john-loughran-colvin: maybe NIX_BUILD_CORES=2 ? https://nixos.org/manual/nix/unstable/advanced-topics/cores-vs-jobs.html 21:01:34
@rrix:kickass.systemsrrix 🍕 🌎if the emacs build derivation doesn't use that surely it should21:01:53
@rrix:kickass.systemsrrix 🍕 🌎my builds hit the binary cache right now or i'd try it21:02:02
@john-loughran-colvin:matrix.orgjohn-loughran-colvin Thanks, I’ll give that a try tomorrow 21:02:46
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossif you want to nice them, you just nice the nix daemon21:06:25
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossthere's a NixOS option for it if you're using NixOS21:06:31
@john-loughran-colvin:matrix.orgjohn-loughran-colvinI am using Nixos. I guess I should try that as it’s really what I’m looking for; I just want my machine not to slow down so much when I’m recompiling gccemacs.21:09:14
14 Oct 2021
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is anyone using doom-emacs (or nix-doom-emacs) on NixOS and completely happy with it?

I've been slowly customizing nix-doom-emacs for a while, but it's getting to the point that I'm spending more time on fixes than my actual projects...

@jamie:memes.nzJamieI do use doom emacs and am happy enough with it23:28:51
@jamie:memes.nzJamiehaven't tried nix-doom-emacs though 23:29:13
@jamie:memes.nzJamie(though I would very much like the compilation to be done by nix)23:29:30
@pinecamp:matrix.orgpinecampright on, what's your setup like? mind sharing a config snippet? :) 23:31:46
@psionic-lights:matrix.orgpsionic-lightsRecursively merging use-package declarations to modularize Emacs configuration (without Nix, but like NixOS & HomeManager modules)23:34:11
15 Oct 2021
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16 Oct 2021
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@gilganix:matrix.org-(𝕂eloτ)- Anyone that has changed the location of .emacs.d to ~/.config/emacs, how did you get systemd.user.service.emacs.enable = true to work? (ignore misspellings) 23:24:56

I tried to use the following, but it still launches with an empty config file as if it was unable to locate ~/.config/emacs:

    systemd.user.services.emacs = {
      unitConfig = {
        Description = "Emacs text editor.";
        Documentation = "man:emacs(1)";

        After = [ "graphical-session-pre.target" ];
        PartOf = [ "graphical-session.target" ];

      wantedBy = [ "default.target" ];

      serviceConfig = {
        Type = "forking";
        ExecStart = "${emacsWithPackages}/bin/emacs --fg-daemon";
        ExecStop = "${emacsWithPackages}/bin/emacsclient --eval (kill-emacs)";
        Restart = "always";
17 Oct 2021
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