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7 Jul 2021
@fzakaria:matrix.orgfzakariaif anyone has experience hacking on Maven itself please reach out. I've been thinking about a proper solution to Nix + Java, I think it needs a large fork of maven.03:00:52
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15 Jul 2021
@nbathum:matrix.orgnbathum (he or they)fzakaria, please excuse this notion if it is not relevant as I'm unfamiliar with the specific constraints of your projects and work. but is it at all possible for you to use gradle?11:43:08
21 Jul 2021
@fzakaria:matrix.orgfzakariaNot for my current project or onboarding many projects;04:03:03
@fzakaria:matrix.orgfzakariaIm also happy to start the holy-war argument of Gradle vs Maven04:03:19
@fzakaria:matrix.orgfzakaria(For how much I dislike the lack of improvement to Maven, I am more in the favor of declarative config)04:03:44
@fzakaria:matrix.orgfzakaria * (For how much I dislike the lack of improvement to Maven, I am more in the favor of declarative config for dependency management)04:03:55
22 Jul 2021
@nbathum:matrix.orgnbathum (he or they)Oh. Does Gradle get into more non-declarative land? I have only done small prototyping level projects using it.15:21:41
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23 Jul 2021
@gytis-ivaskevicius:matrix.orgGytis IvaskeviciusI beleive "declarative" is just that you define everything in a config. If thats the case - yeah, it is declarative07:07:08
@gytis-ivaskevicius:matrix.orgGytis Ivaskevicius

in fact it is similar to Nix in few ways:

  1. basically does everything, can build pretty much whatever you want
  2. Uses programming language (either groovy or kotlin, you decide)
  3. Is capable of bunch of cool integrations
@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjsThere are also a few options that help with reproducibility—https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/working_with_files.html#sec:reproducible_archives12:02:00

Having some issues with gradle2nix and dependencies...
It seems like it can't find shadow, and indeed, the repositories it lists do not seem to contain the artifact
Trying to figure out why it isn't in said repositories, though, as it does seem to appear in gradle-env.json, etc.

Context: https://matrix.to/#/!KqkRjyTEzAGRiZFBYT:nixos.org/$TwUthCPshVm5l5TL_tN-gCqhasrkOY7kWL-r_TpjSTA?via=nixos.org&via=matrix.org&via=tchncs.de


And the content of the actual error message:

org.gradle.api.plugins.UnknownPluginException: Plugin [id: 'com.github.johnrengelman.shadow', version: '7.0.0'] was not found in any of the following sources:
- Gradle Core Plugins (plugin is not in 'org.gradle' namespace)                                                                                               
- Plugin Repositories (could not resolve plugin artifact 'com.github.johnrengelman.shadow:com.github.johnrengelman.shadow.gradle.plugin:7.0.0')               
@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjs Now that I look again, it doesn't seem to appear under org.gradle or com.github 13:33:29
@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjsI'm deferring to just plain gradle with build cache enabled for the CI for now That alone seems to be a substantial improvement compared to the previous maven build w/o any caching or etc.16:33:31
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28 Jul 2021
@fzakaria:matrix.orgfzakariaI missed the earlier messages; but by declarative I meant a very minimal DSL to define versions.21:49:38
@fzakaria:matrix.orgfzakariaGradle leverages kotlin or Groovy and easily becomes a soup of code.21:49:50
@fzakaria:matrix.orgfzakaria(beyond just adding your necessary dependencies)21:50:11
@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjs I was actually messing around with that lately and able to abstract quite a bit to TOML 21:57:58
@nbathum:matrix.orgnbathum (he or they) fzakaria: Thank you for clarifying 22:07:10
30 Jul 2021
6 Aug 2021
@roberthensing:matrix.orgRobert Hensing (roberth) changed their display name from roberth to Robert Hensing (roberth).19:46:49
17 Aug 2021
@heartman:matrix.orgThomas Heartman (he/him) Hey 🙋 I'm trying to run a project that requires JDK version 16, but I can't seem to find any higher than 13 in when running nix search. Is 16 available somewhere? I noticed you could download it at adoptopenjdk.net, but haven't found it available for Nix anywhere. I haven't done a lot of Java, so it's quite possible that there's something that I don't get. In which case: I'd be happy to be corrected 😅 10:31:59
@heartman:matrix.orgThomas Heartman (he/him)Ah, sorry, my bad: turns out I hadn't updated my cache. 10:42:55
@fzakaria:matrix.orgfzakariait requires 16 ?22:31:17
@fzakaria:matrix.orgfzakariacutting edge project ;)22:31:23
18 Aug 2021
@heartman:matrix.orgThomas Heartman (he/him)Yeah, I suppose. They're a pretty new company 😄07:08:06

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