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9 Jul 2024
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10 Jul 2024
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@k900:0upti.meK900So I did some jank16:17:37
@k900:0upti.meK900And now I have the 6.6 kernel running16:17:43
11 Jul 2024
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@royaleinstein:matrix.orgPraveen Kumari just installed nixos in my wsl217:11:52
@royaleinstein:matrix.orgPraveen Kumari installed it in ubuntu17:12:04
@royaleinstein:matrix.orgPraveen Kumari mean the package manager17:12:14
@royaleinstein:matrix.orgPraveen Kumarhow can i use it to configure there is no proper documentation i could find17:12:58
@k900:0upti.meK900So did you install NixOS or did you just install Nix17:15:09
@k900:0upti.meK900Nix itself does not give you declarative system configuration17:15:17
@k900:0upti.meK900You need NixOS17:15:18
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12 Jul 2024
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13 Jul 2024
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14 Jul 2024
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15 Jul 2024
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16 Jul 2024
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18 Jul 2024
@k900:0upti.meK9006.6 kernel actually shipped03:28:45
@k900:0upti.meK900Seems to be working fine too03:28:49
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@nzbr:nzbr.denzbr (they/it)

Hundreds of new kernel modules added.

How helpful, lol


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