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4 Jul 2024
@artturin:matrix.orgArtturin pkgsCross.riscv64 is just config = "riscv${bits}-unknown-linux-gnu" https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/ae53ca09fcd5393225192a43513992bc0da82bbc/lib/systems/examples.nix#L124 17:44:48
@toxicfrog:ancilla.caToxicFrog Yeah, which is what I'm using in my expression, so ??????
I have found a difference in the logs between the passing and failing runs; the failure ends with:
the __GI_SCANNER__ constant should only be used with simple #ifdef or #endif: #if defined(G_OS_UNIX) && !defined(G_STDIO_WRAP_ON_UNIX) && !defined(__GI_SCANNER__)
after all the syntax errors
So I think that's the actual error it aborts on
@toxicfrog:ancilla.caToxicFrogContinuing to prune the repro17:51:53
@toxicfrog:ancilla.caToxicFrog Huh.
If I remove the extra ccflags, it starts working.
@toxicfrog:ancilla.caToxicFrog Now testing it with withCFlags " " to see if the problem is the -mtune/-mcpu options, or using replaceCrossStdenv/withCFlags at all 17:59:54
@toxicfrog:ancilla.caToxicFrog Ok, that works. Let's try it with just -mtune and not -mcpu. 18:34:21
@toxicfrog:ancilla.caToxicFrog Ok -- the issue is, specifically, that adding -mcpu=thead-c906 to the CFLAGS causes the build to fail. 19:13:35
5 Jul 2024
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6 Jul 2024
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7 Jul 2024
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9 Jul 2024
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10 Jul 2024
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11 Jul 2024
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@k900:0upti.meK900KDAB is now complaining about Qt6 cross :(09:03:32
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12 Jul 2024
@wirew0rm:matrix.orgAlexander KrimmWhat is the complaint? I read the article and to me it sounds overall very nix-positive?00:17:11
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@k900:0upti.meK900Well they had to do cursed hacks to get it to even build 05:18:14
15 Jul 2024
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12 Jul 2024
@toxicfrog:ancilla.caToxicFrogIf what they're doing there with cmakeFlags counts as "cursed" then what I am doing18:50:12
16 Jul 2024
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18 Jul 2024
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