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11 Jun 2024
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)Has anyone here thought about how underused the "meta" field of packages is? Making mainProgram a thing was cool, but imagine giving "language/packageset maintainers" their own per-lang attrset to standardise on, the integration possibilities!? 23:34:26
12 Jun 2024
@markuskowa:matrix.orgmarkuskowaWhat would be a new meta field that you like to see?11:06:39
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)Themes outputting the name that's in "index.theme" comes to mind16:15:09
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)Firefox native messengers outputting the name of their json manifest name16:16:14
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)Something something uboot and devicetree names too16:16:38
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)Redacted or Malformed Event16:24:05
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)Yes! :D16:24:19
@claesatwork:matrix.orgClaesHi, I am travelling next week so can't make it unfortunately! But sounds really nice19:04:38
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)

https://gist.github.com/Lillecarl/269235a48a596f86fde61e783e9de351 Erin markuskowa

I spent an hour or two on a POC where this kinda makes sense almost + learning about IFD. I'd love a quick review ๐Ÿ˜„

@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)Added the patch to the catppuccin/cursors repo too in case that didn't make sense ๐Ÿ˜ธ20:13:47
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9) * Added the patch to catppuccin/cursors repo too in case that didn't make sense ๐Ÿ˜ธ 20:14:00
@markuskowa:matrix.orgmarkuskowaThere is also "passthru", which is used to convey extra information (i.e. this would also fit into "passthru.themeInfo".) What goes into "meta" might be more restricted (i.e. CI/ofborg may complain).20:24:31
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)Aye, my oversight20:25:29
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9) s/meta/passthru ๐Ÿ˜„ 20:26:42
@markuskowa:matrix.orgmarkuskowaTip of the day: nix internally generates "meta.position", which tells you the file name and line number where the meta attribute is located.20:30:24
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9) Yup, and if you wanna exploit the same thing yourself __curPos is your friend ๐Ÿ˜„ 20:33:10
18 Jun 2024
@markuskowa:matrix.orgmarkuskowaThere's a good chance of rain tomorrow night. Should we meet at the nordic light hotel? Show in?18:45:50
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)
In reply to @markuskowa:matrix.org
There's a good chance of rain tomorrow night. Should we meet at the nordic light hotel? Show in?
I think the place is a bit stiff since we can't do any demos anyways, but I lived on Sรถdermalm for awhile so I can be biased ๐Ÿ˜œ
@markuskowa:matrix.orgmarkuskowaI am open to suggestions.19:19:54
19 Jun 2024
@markuskowa:matrix.orgmarkuskowaShould we say 1830? Please give a like if you plan to come. I'll got my laptop and I'm ready to hack.11:20:20
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9) markuskowa: I've got some friends calling for beers too, and it seems like we're the only 2. Thoughts? 12:52:06
@markuskowa:matrix.orgmarkuskowaI would be up for it. Up to you.13:29:33
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)I say the more the merrier, if you're somewhat close to the City ๐Ÿ˜„14:08:56
@markuskowa:matrix.orgmarkuskowaOk, let's go for it. Where?14:35:32
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)I'm meeting the first guy on Sรถder (He works there, and he knows COBOL so he's cool), let's keep it a bit open regarding place? Take my number +4673633087614:37:19
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)1000008251.jpg
Download 1000008251.jpg
@lillecarl:matrix.orgLilleCarl (Salsa9)My last nixxy thing for the summer maybe, great handoff ๐Ÿ˜19:16:55
27 Jun 2024
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5 Jul 2024
@erinvanderveen:matrix.orgErin changed their profile picture.12:10:55
12 Jul 2024
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