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17 Jul 2024
@titaniumtown:envs.nettitaniumtown (they/them)thank you05:18:42
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rbIm not sure hoe you want to handle expanding it05:20:49
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rbExpanding btrfs sounds to me like a recipe for disaster, though id say that about using btrfs at all05:21:11
@titaniumtown:envs.nettitaniumtown (they/them)hm true, i'll try and stick with what nixos provides then. i just need to add some partition flags :p05:21:27
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rbAnd id also recommend not using btrfs or any oyher fancy fs, use f2fs and tmpfs05:21:34
@titaniumtown:envs.nettitaniumtown (they/them)okie, yea i use f2fs mostly05:21:46
@titaniumtown:envs.nettitaniumtown (they/them)thank you for the tip05:21:56
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rbThats the config for my unfinished ereader05:22:21
@titaniumtown:envs.nettitaniumtown (they/them)great, ty05:22:32
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rb https://git.sr.ht/~magic_rb/dotfiles/tree/master/item/nixos/systems/gooseberry/filesystems.nix
And thats my rpi that serves as a ipmi gateway
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rbBoth running tmpfs as root05:23:09
@titaniumtown:envs.nettitaniumtown (they/them)ok, interesting.05:24:42
@titaniumtown:envs.nettitaniumtown (they/them)
In reply to@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.org
Both running tmpfs as root
I'll probably end up doing smth similar
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rbIt works well and saves the shitty sdcard from any writes05:25:09
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rbIve had really really really really bad experiences with sdcards in general, and especially in rpis05:25:31
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rbI ran root on nfs for the longest time still with archlinux arm on my octoprint rpi because of that05:25:54
@titaniumtown:envs.nettitaniumtown (they/them) thank you for sharing! @magic_rb
i've had similar experiences lol, really sucks
@magic_rb:matrix.redalder.orgmagic_rbNo worries, happy to help05:40:19
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18 Jul 2024
@joerg:thalheim.ioMic92Don't these new pipes now have support for nvme?09:41:20
@joerg:thalheim.ioMic92 * Don't these new pies now have support for nvme?09:41:31
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan lassulus: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/325619 any chance of a merge on this now that it's approved and sitting for a week? 13:26:22
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughanBecause then https://github.com/nix-community/disko/pull/698 can be merged too13:26:28
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan lassulus: thank you! When disko eventually updates nixpkgs then my make-disk-image change can be merged 14:27:28
@jappie3:matrix.orgjappie3 joined the room.16:04:29

Trying to use nixos-anywhere w/ disko, I'm not sure if I should set the fileSystems option, it seems to be conflicting:

       error: The option `fileSystems."/".device' has conflicting definition values:
       - In `/nix/store/463857glrx0bis2n6qdxkhi5ffrbsdf2-source/hosts/hostname': "/dev/disk/by-label/NIXROOT"
       - In `/nix/store/2fz2xdigfyy41kjiw4rci1jxf0avbp72-source/module.nix': "/dev/disk/by-partlabel/NIXROOT"
       Use `lib.mkForce value` or `lib.mkDefault value` to change the priority on any of these definitions.

Should I use lib.mkForce or omit it in the host's config? I'm afraid that omitting it will render the system unbootable after a regular (non-nixos-anywhere) rebuild...

@kranzes:matrix.orgIlan Joselevich (Kranzes)You only need to set fileSystems to file systems you don't configure with disko.18:39:43
@kranzes:matrix.orgIlan Joselevich (Kranzes)I think this will probably boot fine, works case you go to back to older generation 18:40:20
In reply to @kranzes:matrix.org
You only need to set fileSystems to file systems you don't configure with disko.
okay, thanks for the info ^^

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