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24 Nov 2023
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@gefla:matrix.orgGerd FlaigHi folks! 👋21:13:36
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25 Nov 2023
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@infinisil:matrix.orginfinisil WLAN
SSID: gast-ost
Password: ohchfnwt
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@imincik:matrix.orgIvan Mincik (imincik)https://md.coredump.ch/FBoWsp4eQ3-iS7aYgVAH6A?both 09:14:00
@imincik:matrix.orgIvan Mincik (imincik) * SoN presentation - https://md.coredump.ch/FBoWsp4eQ3-iS7aYgVAH6A?both 09:14:13
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In reply to @infinisil:matrix.org
SSID: gast-ost
Password: ohchfnwt
note, if like me you have connectivity issues: the guest WLAN seems to block DNS over TLS
@infinisil:matrix.orginfinisilZHF presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qwIU_qe9nTJL3csTETDhLrz3rC7EjPqxFPl_Gpsx6No/edit?usp=sharing09:38:44
@gefla:matrix.orgGerd Flaighttps://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/26594809:42:52
@delroth:delroth.net@delroth:delroth.netreact to this message if you're a nixpkgs committer and you're fine being pinged directly during the ZHF Hackathon with review requests / questions / ... :-)09:52:08
@delroth:delroth.net@delroth:delroth.net(that way we can load balance a bit better instead of sending everyone to infinisil :) )09:52:41
@delroth:delroth.net@delroth:delroth.netsuggestion: if you're looking at fixing some ZHF failure, and especially if your process is "start from the top of the list": post a message here so we can try to avoid duplicate work (and/or get people who want to work on the same failure to talk to each other)!10:03:03
@zopieux:matrix.zopi.euzopieuxsure -- I'm having a look at the pypy2 related things, I think it's a pretty obvious fix10:11:02
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@infinisil:matrix.orginfinisil tricktron: pkgs/development/lisp-modules/nix-cl.nix -> makeOverridableLispPackage 10:24:30
@seirl:matrix.orgseirli'm looking at fixing psutil if noone is working on this https://hydra.nixos.org/build/24192514810:45:26
@zopieux:matrix.zopi.euzopieux call for help: nix-build -A tests.writers.simple.pypy2 fails because it invokes a py3 file with a py2 interpreter, but according to this bit it should use py2; so I suppose there some plumbing not working as it should? 10:47:05
@zopieux:matrix.zopi.euzopieuxlooks like pypy 7.3.12 --> dep pypy_prebuilt --> dep pypy2.7, which uses py3 hook with a py2 interpreter10:48:51
@zopieux:matrix.zopi.euzopieux * looks like pypy 7.3.12 --> dep pypy_prebuilt --> dep pypy2.7-pycparser which uses py3 hook with a py2 interpreter 10:49:06
@zopieux:matrix.zopi.euzopieux(the issue gets fixed if I make the py3 hook py2-compatible)10:50:54
@zopieux:matrix.zopi.euzopieux * (the issue gets fixed if I make the py3 hook py2-compatible, but that's not a proper fix)10:52:23
@imincik:matrix.orgIvan Mincik (imincik) May I kindly as somebody with write permissions to merge this PR ? Thank you very much. 11:00:07

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