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10 Nov 2021
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11 Nov 2021
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@0x4a6f:matrix.org[0x4A6F] Getting access to the RISC-V GNU Toolchain (riscv64-unknown-elf)@discourse 21:52:30
12 Nov 2021
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniI'm actually kind of intrigued where the riscv64-unknown-elf tuple stems from, is that LLVM terminology?10:16:27
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniin nixpkgs (which should be autotools) this is riscv64-unknown-none-elf, it seems10:16:45
20 Nov 2021
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21 Nov 2021
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23 Nov 2021
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4 Dec 2021
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7 Dec 2021
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20 Dec 2021
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24 Dec 2021
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25 Dec 2021
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26 Dec 2021
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27 Dec 2021
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29 Dec 2021
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@edwlan:m.edw.aiEd LangleyHas any work been done to target FreeBSD?20:26:30
@corbin:matrix.orgCorbinYes, although I'm not sure about the current status of things.20:28:33
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterni Ed Langley: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/82131 20:29:49
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniFreeBSD stdenv is still in disrepair20:30:33
@edwlan:m.edw.aiEd LangleyInteresting, It'd be cool to have a third reasonable platform for nix (after darwin/linux)20:34:10
@7c6f434c:nitro.chat7c6f434cYou could even say second20:34:38
@7c6f434c:nitro.chat7c6f434cI think NetBSD support might be in a more useful shape than FreeBSD right now20:35:02
* @qbit:tapenet.orgqbit has been tossing around the idea of throwing monies at getting openbsd support 20:38:36
@qbit:tapenet.orgqbit i have taken a crack at it myself a few times - but my time is now mostly spent with newborn child \o/ 20:41:42
@corbin:matrix.orgCorbinhttps://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/blob/master/rfcs/0046-platform-support-tiers.md might be useful for perspective. Adding BSD support has a "clear path", at least.20:41:51
@7c6f434c:nitro.chat7c6f434cNix on FreeBSD has history of having been a Hydra platform, and I think FreeBSD ports have patches for getting somewhat useful Nix built…20:42:47

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