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27 May 2024
@stigo:matrix.orgstigohydra-unstable is one package that I use to smoke test13:04:45
@stigo:matrix.orgstigoalso, usually test some cross builds that have been problematic, that would make sense to have in a tested jobset13:05:41
@stigo:matrix.orgstigousually most failures show up in the unit tests in respective perlPackages though13:06:29
In reply to @stigo:matrix.org
I usually just use let perl' = perl.withPackages(...); and put that in buildInputs
ah, ok
@stigo:matrix.orgstigo connected to the perl-updates branch, right? 13:21:49
@vcunat:matrix.orgvcunat Possibly with slightly lower shares, as this value is close to trunk-combined. 13:22:00
In reply to @stigo:matrix.org
connected to the perl-updates branch, right?
Yes. You can see where it fetches from in https://hydra.nixos.org/jobset/nixpkgs/perl-updates#tabs-configuration
@stigo:matrix.orgstigoCan I trigger a build trough hydra.nixos.org?13:23:50
In reply to @stigo:matrix.org
Can I trigger a build trough hydra.nixos.org?
Either you can or we can give you the permissions now.
@vcunat:matrix.orgvcunat stigo: what username or e-mail are you using there. 13:25:19
@vcunat:matrix.orgvcunat * stigo: what username or e-mail are you using there? 13:25:21
@stigo:matrix.orgstigologged in using GitHub, so email should be stig@stig.oo13:25:47
@stigo:matrix.orgstigo * logged in using GitHub, so email should be stig@stig.io13:25:49
@stigo:matrix.orgstigoso "Actions > Evaluate this Jobset"?13:26:50
@stigo:matrix.orgstigoi should prob rtfm...13:26:57
@vcunat:matrix.orgvcunat 🤔 I don't know which permission guards the evaluations. hexa do you remember? 13:28:26
@vcunat:matrix.orgvcunat By the docs I started with restart+cancel checkboxes. 13:28:54
@hexa:lossy.networkhexajust requires a registered account13:30:32
@vcunat:matrix.orgvcunatOh, that's weird.13:33:01
@vcunat:matrix.orgvcunatBut I suppose we can keep those permissions anyway.13:33:14
@janne.hess:helsinki-systems.deJanne Heß
In reply to @stigo:matrix.org
i should prob rtfm...
If you find one, send it over :P
@stigo:matrix.orgstigo Set up nixpkgs/perl-updates from staging, thx for the help 14:15:15
6 Jun 2024
@stigo:matrix.orgstigo Gonna start working on perl-5.40 when it drops, this will also likely include a bulk update of perlPackages14:16:59
2 Jul 2024
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4 Jul 2024
@philiptaron:matrix.orgPhilip Taron (UTC-8) joined the room.15:52:54
5 Jul 2024
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7 Jul 2024
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