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27 Jun 2021
@davidak:matrix.orgdavidakit gets more fragmented when you create another unofficial chat room and that will lead to worse user experience. why should they come there and not to the official ones? isn't that obvious?02:09:33
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneNo it is not obvious and I disagree with you. I feel as if you're just arguing for the sake of it.02:09:49
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneFWIW, marketing and virality aren't about stopping people from doing things.02:11:33
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneIt's about the opposite.02:11:36
@davidak:matrix.orgdavidaki actually don't want to argue, but feel i have to state what is obvious to me02:11:46
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zone

Right. In that case:

  1. There are 1000 eyes there
  2. I can't tell those eyes to look at Nix without complying with their setup
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneTheir setup is subservers.02:13:13
@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot) joined the room.02:13:22
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneEssentially it's a platform of its own.02:13:46
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneYou're essentially saying you don't want Nix to be present on another platform.02:13:56
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneI understand why you think it's "just another chat room" but it is not at all.02:14:04
@davidak:matrix.orgdavidaki don't know anything about that community, so it's a general statement from my side02:15:23
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneIndeed. I understand your concerns though, it's just that this is kind of what Discord is today.02:15:44
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneYou get mega servers which have sub communities in those mega servers.02:15:53
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28 Jun 2021
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zone changed their display name from matthewcroughan to matthewcroughan - nix.zone.02:21:32
In reply to @davidak:matrix.org
it's been 3 days since i got the e-mail. give me some time
Sorry! Wasn't sure I had the right email -- no rush really, just wanted to make sure it didn't end up in the void
@tomberek:matrix.orgtomberek Thinking aloud about Nix and NixOS documentation and messaging. I imagine someone being given an electric power drill. Then shown how it can be used to build a cabinet. Then the response being, “but that’s not the kind of cabinet I want.” Or “but you also used other tools, not just the drill”. Or “I already have a hand-drill.” Or “ I have no drill bits.” Perhaps we need to communicate better what people should expect. Teaching Nix often feels more like teaching skills to build proficiency with the tool. Using Nix is like using electric power tools instead of hand-tools. 16:31:27
@blaggacao:matrix.orgDavid Arnold Some concept of "north" might be generally useful. 16:54:38
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zone tomberek: I've got an opportunity to show Nix off on Innovation Coffee thanks to that Nix room. 19:19:45
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneit's an arm-centric arm developer show that gets around 1000 views average 19:20:00
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneI'll be showing off a lot of stuff. It will be great.19:20:47
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneriscv64 cross-compilation, nixos services, WFVM, the works.19:21:09
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneWFVM is just astounding.. I can't really believe how well it works 19:21:17
@afontain:gnugen.chafontainTIL about https://git.m-labs.hk/M-Labs/wfvm20:39:11
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneit's pretty darn good 20:56:02
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zoneI gotta fork it to work with flakes, I did some hacking on it on stream a few nights ago 20:56:17
@matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zone * I gotta fork it to work with flakes, I did some hacking on it on stream last night ago 20:56:21

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