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21 Oct 2021
22 Oct 2021
@lukegb:zxcvbnm.ninjalukegb (he/him)I think that prototypes do change semantics? because iirc function arguments like to induce list context rather than scalar context00:53:05
@lukegb:zxcvbnm.ninjalukegb (he/him)so having a ($$) prototype would force scalar context evaluation but without you might end up in list context00:53:24
@grahamc:nixos.org@grahamc:nixos.orgso I ended up writing a fix for it but fell short on writing a test for it, and I really don't like sending PRs without tests15:29:19
@grahamc:nixos.org@grahamc:nixos.orgbut I should just buck up and do the test or PR15:29:37
23 Oct 2021
@casey:hubns.netcransomi started thumbing through 'perl best practices'. i had forgotten about all the madness and it was my go to language if i couldn't shell script something when i was starting out, oh so long ago.17:27:36
24 Oct 2021
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26 Oct 2021
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@grahamc:nixos.org@grahamc:nixos.orghttps://github.com/NixOS/hydra/pull/1050 RFR?02:26:26
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@mic92:nixos.devMic92 what does _rs stands for? 06:54:21
@lukegb:zxcvbnm.ninjalukegb (he/him)https://github.com/NixOS/hydra/pull/1025 ready for re-review - not sure if I prefer the lambda over the previous thing13:54:12
@grahamc:nixos.org@grahamc:nixos.orga hard thing is you have to start making functions somewhere13:56:32
@lukegb:zxcvbnm.ninjalukegb (he/him)yeah14:03:47
@lukegb:zxcvbnm.ninjalukegb (he/him)I feel like it would probably have been fine without but I also don't really want to change the semantics of the dryrun flag, and then it becomes hard14:04:21
@grahamc:nixos.org@grahamc:nixos.orgI added tests to the other function uses: https://github.com/NixOS/hydra/pull/105014:51:29
@grahamc:nixos.org@grahamc:nixos.orgdeployed 16:27:40
27 Oct 2021
@janne.hess:helsinki-systems.dedas_jHm, is there a way to kill jobs that ignore getting cancelled?12:14:17
@janne.hess:helsinki-systems.dedas_jIn my own Hydra I usually just restart the queue runner but that's probably not a good idea on the nixos Hydra12:14:46
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@janne.hess:helsinki-systems.dedas_jTalking about this for example12:15:54
@niksnut:matrix.orgniksnutIf a build step keeps running, it's probably because it's also a dependency of another build.13:25:01
@janne.hess:helsinki-systems.dedas_jAh that makes sense of course13:25:24
@janne.hess:helsinki-systems.dedas_jSo nothing I can realistically do about it :/ Thank you for exaplaining!13:26:41

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