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27 Feb 2024
@infogulch:matrix.orginfogulchwhat do you think of the various nix-oriented deployment tools like nixops/colmena that mjm mentioned?06:54:36
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@sanskardevops:matrix.orgSanskar GurdasaniHello Everyone , I'm Sanskar a opensource contributor in Kyverno , Kyverno is opensource policy engine designed for kubernetes and kyverno is already added in nix package In Kyverno as organization kyverno has a project called Chainsaw which a tool developed to run end to end tests in Kubernetes clusters the chainsaw users want chainsaw in the nix packages but while adding package to nix i wrote the default.nix file the problem is their is already a package name chainsaw in nix package which is a Rapidly Search and Hunt through Windows Forensic Artefacts .Is pname should be different or we nix has some different solution to this type of problem13:43:25
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28 Feb 2024

Myself, I have no idea, sorry.

I think you might get a better answer in #dev:nixos.org which is the room for package contribution discussion.

In reply to @infogulch:matrix.org
so what are people using for nixos deployments these days?
still pretty happy with deploy-flake, feel like it hits exactly the sweet spot for me
@infogulch:matrix.orginfogulchoh that looks neat01:54:54
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In reply to @antifuchs:asf.computer
still pretty happy with deploy-flake, feel like it hits exactly the sweet spot for me
does deploy-flake build it on the system you're running it on?
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@nebula:itsnebula.netNebulabecause my Raspberry Pi 4 is slow for building so i'd like to build it on a faster machine 14:29:16
29 Feb 2024
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1 Mar 2024
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2 Mar 2024
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3 Mar 2024
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