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13 Oct 2021
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@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn I think eyJhb may have some experience? 18:47:09
@eyjhb:eyjhb.dkeyJhb thomashoneyman: https://gitlab.com/eyJhb/go-minecraft-on-demand/-/tree/master/nix is a example of how I create a image, that I can upload to DO and then boot up :)) 18:48:31
@eyjhb:eyjhb.dkeyJhbI think you can use that as a starting point?18:48:37
@thomashoneyman:matrix.orgthomashoneymanThanks! This is useful to have as well. It sounds like uploading a custom NixOS ISO and then using that to spin up new droplets is the way to go.21:16:47
@thomashoneyman:matrix.orgthomashoneyman You use the image.nix file to build the ISO, correct? 21:18:34
@thomashoneyman:matrix.orgthomashoneymanAnd then upload that?21:19:23
14 Oct 2021
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@hexa:lossy.networkhexajust bumped into that on twitter02:02:14
In reply to @thomashoneyman:matrix.org
You use the image.nix file to build the ISO, correct?
Yes, that's correct! Please feel free to tag me next time, as I don't see messages that often otherwise. I think you can just do nix-build image.nix :)
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15 Oct 2021
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16 Oct 2021
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@mic92:nixos.devMic92I am not hating it: https://github.com/Mic92/dotfiles/blob/31aad1d4d00750a6cfb9ccdb675cc197eb5548a3/tasks.py#L33 and it is faster than all the other deployment tools for my use case15:39:57
@oak:universumi.fioakWhen deploying to a machine with nixops, is there any way to specify which channel version should be installed to a target machine? I'm currently playing around with nixopsUnstable and nixops-hetznercloud -plugin, and it seems to install unstable channel by default, which then causes other problems15:03:36
@oak:universumi.fioakWell, answering to my own question, I had to set NIX_PATH environment variable prior to nixops call, setting nix.nixPath variable in the logical machine config wasn't enough15:37:01
17 Oct 2021
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19 Oct 2021
@edwlan:m.edw.aiEd Langley changed their display name from edwlan to Ed Langley.05:07:31
20 Oct 2021
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22 Oct 2021
@roberthensing:matrix.orgRobert Hensing (roberth)are we likely to get updated "arm64" AMIs in the next nixos release?07:45:28
@roberthensing:matrix.orgRobert Hensing (roberth)oh. forwarded messages aren't rendered as such.07:45:58
@roberthensing:matrix.orgRobert Hensing (roberth) Amine Chikhaoui: ^ jackdk was asking in the Nix Cloud Native channel 07:46:57
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)
In reply to @roberthensing:matrix.org
oh. forwarded messages aren't rendered as such.
yeah, it just dumps the message content and sends immediately, which is annoying - not sure if all clients do that or just element
@amine.chikhaoui:matrix.orgAmine Chikhaoui Robert Hensing (roberth): you mean for 21.11 ? 12:16:19
@roberthensing:matrix.orgRobert Hensing (roberth) Amine Chikhaoui: I think that's what he meant, and I'm also interested 12:17:43
@amine.chikhaoui:matrix.orgAmine Chikhaouiyeah I don't think there is a blocker for doing that afaik12:18:26
@amine.chikhaoui:matrix.orgAmine Chikhaouias you already updated the amis file to support aarch64, so should be just a mattter of running the script for both x86-64 and aarch6412:19:24

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