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3 Aug 2022
@linus:schreibt.jetztLinux HackermanScreenshot_20220803-105926.png
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@linus:schreibt.jetztLinux Hackerman Domen Kožar: I can't scroll these code blocks, so I can't read any of the interesting stuff 09:00:15
@linus:schreibt.jetztLinux HackermanOn Firefox on android09:00:50
@domenkozar:matrix.orgDomen KožarI'll try to fix it :)09:06:47
@hexa:lossy.networkhexavanadium -> accessibility -> force enable zoom 👏09:06:51
@hexa:lossy.networkhexamany sites do this and it's annoying as hell09:07:07
@hexa:lossy.networkhexaor maybe I misread and it's a different issue, my bad09:07:53
@hexa:lossy.networkhexashould be something about overflow I guess09:08:22
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4 Aug 2022
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5 Aug 2022
In reply to @domenkozar:matrix.org
I'll try to fix it :)

in codeblock.css

.highlight td:first-child pre, .highlight pre {<
In reply to @domenkozar:matrix.org
I'll try to fix it :)

in codeblock.css

.highlight td:first-child pre, .highlight pre {
overflow: hidden; 

is the cause... and scroll will give a scrollable box instead.


But you might want to do

overflow-y: hidden;
overflow-x: scroll;

So that only the horizontal scrollbar is visible. Because those boxes seem to be scaled properly vertically to fit the content anyway.

@jhu:pikaviestin.fiJhu Actually overflow-x: auto; will hide the scrollbar unless it is needed. So best visual style is by just adding that one line. :p 08:38:42
@domenkozar:matrix.orgDomen KožarThanks08:43:52
@domenkozar:matrix.orgDomen Kožarhttps://github.com/halogenica/beautifulhugo/pull/43708:43:53
In reply to @domenkozar:matrix.org

You made a typo so it won't work.

And just fix it to overflow-y: hidden; because the default is not set elsewhere so it's "auto" unless overridden.

So the minimum fix will be just adding -y to the original row. :D

@domenkozar:matrix.orgDomen Kožarfixed, thanks08:50:36
@domenkozar:matrix.orgDomen Kožar Linux Hackerman: fixed ^^ 08:51:59
@linus:schreibt.jetztLinux HackermanOh nice, even upstreamed 👍10:07:05
6 Aug 2022
@raitobezarius:matrix.orgraitobezariusDo anyone know when using NixOps (unstable) with flakes, what to do to update the current flake URI in the state? It seems like that it is not picked up by NixOps and it fails with unclean source tree.23:11:22
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7 Aug 2022
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8 Aug 2022
@paki23:matrix.orgpaki23I put it in a apps.nixops07:31:38

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