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1 Mar 2024
@lily:lily.flowersLily Foster* i have sops use the key from the persistence location, for this reason13:34:58
@hexa:lossy.networkhexahuh, wondering if agenix has an option for that13:35:13
@k900:0upti.meK900 ⚡️The fact that it starts in initrd is expected13:35:17
@k900:0upti.meK900 ⚡️Because it's an activation script13:35:20
@k900:0upti.meK900 ⚡️Not a separate service13:35:23
@k900:0upti.meK900 ⚡️(even though it REALLY SHOULD BE)13:35:27
@lily:lily.flowersLily Foster
In reply to @lily:lily.flowers
i have sops use the key from the perdistence location, for this reason
@hexa:lossy.networkhexahttps://github.com/ryantm/agenix?tab=readme-ov-file#ageidentitypaths should be it13:36:29
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@hexa:lossy.networkhexathat did the trick!13:42:13
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2 Mar 2024
@elvishjerricco:matrix.orgElvishJerricco K900 (governance issue): I figured out ventoy.... Had to enable LVM. Feel silly now :P Now, I still get squashfs IO errors once booted, which looks exactly like when my rpi was resetting the USB controller in stage 2 by loading the onboard_usb_hub module from I guess the rpi kernel. But I get that with the existing ISO and ventoy too. Does that happen to you? 08:05:52
@k900:0upti.meK900 ⚡️Nope08:06:02
@elvishjerricco:matrix.orgElvishJerricco K900 ⚡️: well can you try the latest push to the sd-initrd iso branch? 08:06:37
@k900:0upti.meK900 ⚡️In a bit08:06:43
@elvishjerricco:matrix.orgElvishJerriccowith ventoy, if you have a minute?08:06:45
@k900:0upti.meK900 ⚡️I'm trying to figure out our sycoca situation08:06:48
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3 Mar 2024
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