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29 May 2021
@siraben:matrix.orgsiraben andi-: why does compiling become slower? 13:01:36
@andi:kack.itandi- siraben: the produced GCC binary no longer is PGO optimized. 13:02:03
@andi:kack.itandi-because the PGO stop wasn't reproducible13:02:19
@siraben:matrix.orgsirabenAh. Is that acceptable for the rest of Nixpkgs?13:02:36
@andi:kack.itandi-I think so13:05:16
@andi:kack.itandi- baloo was looking into making it reproducible 13:05:30
@andi:kack.itandi-And I am trying to do the same for python (with little success).13:05:43
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30 May 2021
@raboof:matrix.orgraboofthat 10% wasn't very scientific btw AFAIK, I tried getting more reliable numbers but it varied wildly so I didn't really get anywhere yet11:57:14
@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellion joined the room.12:13:50
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloothe 10% depends on the build17:01:57
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloogcc says 8%17:02:06
@baloo_:matrix.orgbalooI've seen numbers from 7% to 12% https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/112928#issuecomment-77850813817:03:26
@baloo_:matrix.orgbalooI'd expect cpp builds to be the most impacted.17:04:06
@afontain:gnugen.chafontainand then you factor in that cpp builds are slow in the first place :^)21:32:38
31 May 2021
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1 Jun 2021
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@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloograhamc: if you drop by https://github.com/grahamc/r13y.com/pull/26/files23:44:39
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloo * grahamc (he/him): if you drop by https://github.com/grahamc/r13y.com/pull/26/files 23:45:14
@grahamc:nixos.orggrahamc (he/him)s/channel/room/ lgtm!23:45:36
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloowell that's raboof's PR, so I can't edit it myself. I can open another one to fix it.23:47:45
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloojust went on r13y.com and was about to open another one :D23:48:03
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloo(I'm somewhat triggered when I read freenode somewhere :()23:48:55
@grahamc:nixos.orggrahamc (he/him)I'll merge this, yo ucan do the minor fixup :)23:51:14
@grahamc:nixos.orggrahamc (he/him) Lost internet after a remarkably loud electrical arching noise. So uh I’ll merge it sometime :$. 23:57:44
@grahamc:nixos.orggrahamc (he/him)Power is still on and only temporarily dropped but the cable connectivity has remained down. Make of that what you will ....23:58:06

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