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14 Oct 2021
@j-k:matrix.orgj-kYep, they're hard problems to solve but on the other hand I'm finding them even harder to solve without nix šŸ™ƒ16:05:17
@tomberek:matrix.orgtomberek j-k: Iā€™d be happy take those conversations and devote some time. 20:47:08
15 Oct 2021
@j-k:matrix.orgj-kFor anyone who didn't join the channel but is interested in the post I promised yesterday: https://discourse.nixos.org/t/over-10-million-donated-for-supply-chain-security-an-opertunity-for-growth-and-adoption/1550810:40:48
@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn What's the new channel for, how does it differ from this one? 10:51:03
@jamie:memes.nzJamiesounds like someone's testing whether the channel is reproducible :P10:53:43
@j-k:matrix.orgj-kIt's to review how nix can solve supply chain security issues, specifically focused on comparing it against the SLSA framework requirements. It can also help us discuss suggestions to feed back to the SLSA framework for changes. Also it straddles Security and Reproducibility https://matrix.to/#/#nix-slsa:matrix.org And it's there so this channel doesn't get swamped11:43:50
@j-k:matrix.orgj-kok it finally sent... not sure why it was having issues11:44:17
@withoutwithin:matrix.orgXe (xe/they) changed their profile picture.19:14:38
16 Oct 2021
@trofi:matrix.orgtrofiA bit of signal boost in hopes of getting a reviewer: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/14017915:15:21
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloocould we imagine a more generic approach?21:37:53
@baloo_:matrix.orgbalooactually, that could maybe work22:47:27
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloowhat if ... when doCheck==true, we added a "tests" output22:47:44
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloobefore running tests, we just install everything like we should, then we run the tests and if they run successfuly, touch the test output22:48:31
@baloo_:matrix.orgbalooderivation would fail if not every output is created22:48:46
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloooutput derivation does not get extraneous references.22:49:52
@baloo_:matrix.orgbalooI don't know how dumb that is22:49:59
17 Oct 2021
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloowe don't even need the tests output01:08:24
@trofi:matrix.orgtrofiI don't know the invariants of the check phases. Are they forbidden to affect the final result? I can imagine a situation when result of test run would be useful to install. I assume it's not forbidden by nixpkgs's policy to create installable files in check phases (if such policy exists). I personally would not mind test bytecode to be installed if it were deterministic and it's what python ecosystem does.09:47:03
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloothat seems weird to me to rely on check phase to produce outputs, but I don't know20:07:42
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloothe suggestion to run that through an RFC first would make sense20:08:03
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloobut I have NO experience writing those20:08:12
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Ross RFCs are very slow. 20:08:59
@baloo_:matrix.orgbalooanyhow that kind of change is deep, so I guess that's expected :x20:11:37
20 Oct 2021
@phaer:matrix.orgphaer joined the room.21:01:07
21 Oct 2021
@legendofmiracles:matrix.orglegendofmiracles joined the room.01:20:02

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