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1 Mar 2024
@alice:the-apothecary.clubAlicecan wei like, just mount it?23:48:44
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrmost likely yes23:49:07
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrgnome-disk-image-mounter thatfile.img23:49:20
In reply to @samueldr:matrix.org
now, in theory this should be a GPT-partitioned disk image, if it was the case already in RK31XX era
sudo rkdeveloptool ppt
Not found any partition table!
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr(wrappers around udisks)23:49:25
@alice:the-apothecary.clubAlice wei have no gnome, wei're on kde 23:49:38
@alice:the-apothecary.clubAliceand wei don't know what package it is on arch23:51:23
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr udisksctl can do all that 23:52:07
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr(I'm not on gnome, but like most of the gnome-disks UX)23:52:20
2 Mar 2024
@alice:the-apothecary.clubAlicewhat type would it be? (mount says no can do)00:00:09

mount: /projects/Android/dump tablet/adb_fs: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.

@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrthat's a full disk, not a partition00:01:13
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr so you can't mount it 00:01:18
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr you can "loop" it to have the partitions available to mount those though 00:01:33
@alice:the-apothecary.clubAlice wei did loop it though? 00:01:57
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldroh, missed that, but that refers to the whole disk, not a partition therein00:02:31
Download clipboard.png
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrtbf, this is all assuming the dump is good00:02:41
@alice:the-apothecary.clubAlicewell that's concerning00:02:52
sudo rkdeveloptool rl 0 16777216 LBA.raw
Read LBA to file (100%)

but kde partition manager says it is 16771860 sectors?

@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrsome versions of the vendor rockusb tooling are broken by design00:08:49
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldre.g. rk3566 often ships without the ability to dump/change the span over U-Boot and other platform firmware bits00:09:14
@alice:the-apothecary.clubAlicedo wei tell it to read 5356 extra sectors or wouldn't matter?00:10:06
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrwithout knowing why the dump seems off, it's like navigating in the dark00:10:35
[14458.340633] loop0: detected capacity change from 0 to 16777216

dmesg to the resque, seems like kde disk manager hiccup?

In reply to @samueldr:matrix.org
without knowing why the dump seems off, it's like navigating in the dark
also. quite yarr
@lycanthropene:matrix.sdf.orglycanthropene set a profile picture.11:25:17
3 Mar 2024
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