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18 Aug 2021
@siraben:matrix.orgsiraben changed their display name from siraben to siraben (he/him).19:36:32
22 Aug 2021
@siraben:matrix.orgsiraben changed their display name from siraben (he/him) to siraben.16:16:27
25 Aug 2021
@mjolnir:nixos.orgmjolnir banned @matthewcroughan:defenestrate.itmatthewcroughan - nix.zone (<no reason supplied>).22:01:58
3 Sep 2021
@edrex:matrix.orgedrex joined the room.17:04:26
17 Sep 2021
@cleverca22:matrix.orgcleverca22 joined the room.06:03:01
21 Sep 2021
@ralith:ralith.comRalith joined the room.05:25:27
25 Sep 2021
@cw:kernelpanic.cafeRev. CornWallace III (novus ordo seclorum) joined the room.18:14:20
28 Sep 2021
@anderscs:matrix.organderscs joined the room.14:23:41
30 Sep 2021
@matrixforever:matrix.orgmatrixforever joined the room.02:16:15
@matrixforever:matrix.orgmatrixforever left the room.02:17:42
1 Oct 2021
@softnote:matrix.orgsoftnotee joined the room.21:44:29
2 Oct 2021
@sushi_dude:matrix.orgSushi Dude joined the room.01:49:08
4 Oct 2021
@K900:matrix.org@K900:matrix.org joined the room.13:18:39
@bofors:matrix.orgbofors joined the room.19:33:22
5 Oct 2021
@dguibert:matrix.orgDavid Guibert joined the room.07:01:36
@k900:0upti.meK900 joined the room.07:06:17
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6 Oct 2021
@rosariopulella:matrix.orgRosario Pulella changed their display name from rosariopulella to Rosuavio.10:38:28
@rosariopulella:matrix.orgRosario Pulella changed their display name from Rosuavio to Rosario Pulella.10:44:53
@kamadorueda:matrix.orgkamadorueda joined the room.22:26:58
9 Oct 2021
@sumner:nevarro.spaceSumner Evans joined the room.12:35:30
@sumner:sumnerevans.comsumner left the room.17:37:26
10 Oct 2021
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12 Oct 2021
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13 Oct 2021
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14 Oct 2021
@sumner:nevarro.spaceSumner Evans changed their display name from sumner to Sumner Evans.04:08:58
18 Oct 2021
@ellie:monoid.alEllie joined the room.11:44:36
@ellie:monoid.alEllie left the room.11:47:15
19 Oct 2021
@jojosch:jswc.dejojosch joined the room.07:32:35
21 Oct 2021
@etu:semi.socialetu joined the room.11:13:25

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