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16 Oct 2021
@kamadorueda:matrix.orgkamadoruedaI mean in order to format nixos/nix03:04:53
19 Oct 2021
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloo niksnut: any chance I could get a merge on this one? https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/5384 17:10:14
@tomberek:matrix.orgtomberek baloo: your dns test never got merged to nixpkgs, should we revisit that too? 18:42:36
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloono, it's merged in nix itself now18:42:56
@baloo_:matrix.orgbalooit's better there than in nixpkgs18:43:11
@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloo nix build -L '.#hydraJobs.tests.nssPreload' in nix itself 18:44:20
@baloo_:matrix.orgbalooif you want to run it18:44:25
20 Oct 2021
@Las:matrix.orgLasRFC 92 pertains to the core semantics of Nix, it would be great if people here could give it a review, considering it's been reworked considerably recently as part of the Shepherd meetings: https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/9211:03:29
21 Oct 2021
@trofi:matrix.orgtrofi[12 days later] https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/5366: is it a reasonable way to handle schema update?08:36:06
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft set a profile picture.13:40:29
22 Oct 2021
@enzime:nixos.devEnzime joined the room.13:22:48
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft I'm still trying to fix https://github.com/NixOS/nix/issues/5410 16:44:45
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoftDoes anyone know of a proper way to set the list of references for a path?16:45:28
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft I think what I kinda need is the inverse of queryPathInfo 16:48:57
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft Aha, ok, updatePathInfo 16:58:03
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoftI wonder why it's not implemented for an arbitrary store17:01:28
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft* I wonder why it's not implemented for an arbitrary store17:01:33
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft Guess I'll have to look through local-derivation-goal.cc to see how it updates the path info :/ 17:07:39
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoftIt's not easy reading...17:07:47
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft Wait, ok, it uses localStore for this... 17:15:24
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft Aha, ok, so local-derivation-goal only builds the derivation in a local store, and addPath needs to work for any store 17:16:06
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft I can't see a reason why updatePathInfo wouldn't be in store-api.hh ... 17:17:07
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoftIt feels like it should be implemented for any store17:17:21
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoftBut maybe I'm missing something obvious17:18:00
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft Ok, I think the best way is to add StorePathSet references = new StorePathSet () or something like that to the interfaces for addToStore and addToStoreFromDump 17:57:39
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft And then scanForReferences after filtering, and add all the references which are still there 17:58:21
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoftWould this be acceptable?17:58:31

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