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20 Oct 2021
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterni I think actually lib.platforms is my source of truth and it can parse everything in there 21:22:28
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterni because this code is mostly for populating badPlatforms and platforms in meta 21:22:45
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniand the other place where I'll use it accepts LLVM triples, so if someone needs some crazy platform, they can just use that21:23:22
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Ross When I say configure.ac is the source of truth, I say that because it's what generates these values 21:23:53
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rosslib.platforms is a static list.21:23:56
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossand sometimes I need to add things to lib.platforms21:24:08
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossso configure.ac is how you figure out what those should be21:24:17
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniyeah, I understand what you were getting at21:24:27
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniI just was trying to reign myself in21:24:45
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniI should make this overly complicated for the sake of correctness21:24:55
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterni Alyssa Ross: okay so armv7a-linux-androideabi is possible in theory 21:31:33
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniconfigure.ac only strips version numbers from the kernel and gnu/musl suffixes it seems21:32:03
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniprobably the best solution would be to be more lenient with the system tuple21:33:40
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniand use different flags for triple / tuple21:33:55
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossi assumed different flags was out of the question21:39:52
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossotherwise i can't imagine why you'd do it this way21:39:58
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rosshow did this get to be LLVM anyway?21:40:18
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsternicabal uses LLVM triples more or less21:40:53

This is the flag we have

  --system ARG             host system (in either short Nix format or full LLVM
                           style) to use when evaluating the Cabal file
                           (default: x86_64-linux)
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniwhatever I do is gonna be a breaking change, but potentially only in edge cases21:42:27
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniI could fully embrace it and redo it, but it'd be annoying for users I suppose21:42:42
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsternihmm seems like cabal-install/Cabal isn't dealing with triples/tuples very much21:48:58
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniGHC may be using llvm triples21:49:05
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniCabal is very weird about this, e. g. it only has an interface for parsing triples, but will pretty print platforms as tuples21:49:38
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniis darwin or osx canonical for LLVM triples?21:51:22
21 Oct 2021
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rosssternenseemann: do you know where we map GNU triples to LLVM triples?09:38:37
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossGNU and LLVM disagree about whether it should be wasm32-unknown-none or wasm32-unknown-unknown09:42:29
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsternino, I'm not aware actually10:14:27
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniI may have to dive into this business now; I haven't dived into that topic to much so far, so I was kind of hoping for you answering here bc you are a lot more knowledgeable than me here10:15:12
22 Oct 2021
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterni trofi: btw https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/87909 09:09:19

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