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21 Oct 2021
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterni nothing in nixpkgs needs GHC 8.8.4 as far as I am aware, but it's bit hard to tell whether there are a lot of downstream users 10:28:17
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsternias long as we have GHC 8.8.4 we sadly need to keep GHC 8.6.5 (binary) around since that is required for bootstrapping10:28:38
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossWhat about 8.6?10:28:40
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossoh, right10:28:44
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsternireverse bootstrapping with 8.10.2 is possible since we do that for aarch6410:29:40
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossoh cool10:30:10
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsternibut it is not supported and reverse bootstrapping with 8.10.7 blows up in weird ways, so I'm a bit scared10:30:25
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsternibut if 8.6.5 is the only blocker for removing an LLVM version that is an option, I'd say10:30:44
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Ross It looks like there are a couple of other users, so I'm not sure yet 10:31:26
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossbut it might be possible10:31:31
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossI think we'd want to keep llvmPackages_6 around because poetry2nix can use and stuff, but it would be nice if we could have no in-tree users and stop hydra building it, maybe10:32:00
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossI guess then it'd just bitrot10:32:08
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rosstoonn: what does your Hydra job actually build? Is it every package? 10:32:21
@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn Yeah, stdenv rebuild because of LLVM bump. Building everything to check the impact. 10:32:48
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossI see10:33:14
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossso the only way for you to not have to build every LLVM version would be to remove some LLVM versions entirely?10:33:29
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossthat's unfortunate10:33:32
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossI think we probably don't want to do that10:33:53
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossI thought you meant all those things were in the bootstrap path, or something10:34:12
@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn No. It's just that sphinx got broken because of the Rust dependency and fixing that entailed two LLVM builds regularly. 10:35:19
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossRight, before anything else can build10:35:46
@sternenseemann:systemli.orgsterniI guess one option would be to remove llvmPackages_6 and all its reverse deps from your jobset10:36:58
@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn No no, things are getting mixed up. 10:38:21
@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn The issue was sphinx broke. And that meant building stdenv LLVM *and* LLVM for Rust. 10:38:52
@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn That's not a solvable issue without aligning one or the other to the other version : ) 10:39:13
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossWhen you said "Just checked my Hydra job. For x86_64-darwin we end up building LLVM 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 >.<", was that unexpected?10:39:26
@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn The many LLVM versions just make complete evaluations to test stdenv harder but they're not as big an issue. If you're building every package anyway one more LLVM doesn't seem as much of an issue. 10:40:06
@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn I didn't expect that many versions tbh. 10:40:39
22 Oct 2021
@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn #126411 the x86_84-darwin LLVM bump is finally ready for review. 15:56:18
@r_i_s:matrix.orgris_hrm staging-next for darwin is stuck on a git failure https://hydra.nixos.org/build/156106839/nixlog/2 :S17:48:29

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