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8 Jul 2022
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishperhaps a bot could be made to handle this...05:58:15
@ckie:ckie.devckie (they/them) galactic_starfish: as someone who hops in to help from time to time, it's very nice to be able to just scroll around and not have to slightly commit to a thread by having to click it 14:01:47
@hexa:lossy.networkhexathe threading ux is a bit problematic sadly15:29:37
@hexa:lossy.networkhexaregarding my own unread marker for example15:29:53
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Ross→ #matrix-discussion:nixos.org15:31:56
9 Jul 2022
@aktaboot:tchncs.de@aktaboot:tchncs.de changed their profile picture.11:31:07
13 Jul 2022
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14 Jul 2022
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15 Jul 2022
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16 Jul 2022
@hexa:lossy.networkhexaa room for getting rid of libcrypt in favor of libxcrypt … #libxcrypt:nixos.org?23:03:32
@hexa:lossy.networkhexa K900^? 23:03:41
@sandro:supersandro.deSandro 🐧 why not #dev:nixos.org ? 23:13:46
@hexa:lossy.networkhexa I'll annoy the #stdenv:nixos.org people I guesss 23:24:41
17 Jul 2022
@sjfloat:matrix.orgsjfloat A room for audio: #audio:nixos.org per discussion in #matrix-discussion:nixos.org 17:44:19
@sjfloat:matrix.orgsjfloatWhat happens next?17:48:53
18 Jul 2022
@metello:matrix.orgtoraritte changed their display name from metello to toraritte.09:00:17
20 Jul 2022
@grahamc:nixos.orggrahamc (he/him) sjfloat: got #audio:nixos.org set up 👍️ thanks for your patience 10:22:27
@sjfloat:matrix.orgsjfloatNice. Thank you!11:01:31
24 Jul 2022
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26 Jul 2022
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@tinybronca:sibnsk.nettinybronca changed their display name from tailrec to tinybronca.15:38:08
30 Jul 2022
@sandro:supersandro.deSandro 🐧 changed their display name from Sandro to Sandro 🐧.13:17:10
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1 Aug 2022
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3 Aug 2022
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