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21 Oct 2021
@grahamc:nixos.orggrahamc (he/him)
In reply to @eyjhb:eyjhb.dk
Shouldn't that be in the latest unstable nixos?
yes, ZFS still reports using the memory, but the issue of it not being able to give up RAM fast enough, I think, is fixed
In reply to @eyjhb:eyjhb.dk
Just seems a little insane to be on 14GB out of 15.5GB used all the time :p
Oh, zfs is only supposed to use 50% of your mem max
@eyjhb:eyjhb.dkeyJhbGuessing DisplayLink also uses a bunch.13:57:55
In reply to @grahamc:nixos.org
I think they fixed the "promptness" issue recently
I was under the impression that simply improved the situation. There was a talk about it IIRC... I don't remember the details so I'm probably wrong
@grahamc:nixos.orggrahamc (he/him) no I'm probably wrong 14:01:47
@badatnames:badat.devBadwhat are the rules for the nix matrix community?18:52:54
@badatnames:badat.devBadspecifically interested in rules related to piracy18:53:07
@jkarlson:kapsi.fiEmil Karlsonisn't it basically just a list of channels that have topics, where would you even fit piracy?18:56:38
@badatnames:badat.devBadI was thinking about asking a question here since it's basically a general discussion channel18:57:38
@jkarlson:kapsi.fiEmil Karlsonwell I guess this channel would not have a topic18:57:39
@deeunderscore:feneas.orgDeeI recommend committing all your piracy in minecraft19:02:24
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrnothing outright written, but "piracy" talk is probably off-topic in all rooms of the community19:05:31
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrno... talking like a pirate is not forbidden19:05:45
@casey:hubns.netcransomtalk like a pirate day was back in september though, so you kind of missed the holiday.19:09:15
In reply to @casey:hubns.net
talk like a pirate day was back in september though, so you kind of missed the holiday.
Oh my god your avi
@badatnames:badat.devBad I love it 19:14:23
@elvishjerricco:matrix.orgElvishJerriccoAnyone using any ad blocking dns sinkhole on nixos? Something akin to pi-hole? Now that I've got NixOS on a router, that sounds like a good idea, but I dunno what to use.23:08:51
22 Oct 2021
@hexagonk:halogen.cityhexagonkI'm about to re-embark on the privoxy journey to try to get vimb somewhat usable, but last time I ran privoxy it was running on a 386, I think.00:43:53
@siraben:matrix.orgsirabenHas anyone on Emacs 28 gotten esup to work? I run into this https://github.com/jschaf/esup/issues/5401:53:49
@siraben:matrix.orgsiraben and the fix that is proposed (setq esup-depth 0) means I can't profile as deeply into my init 01:54:10
@colemickens:matrix.orgcolemickens 🏳️‍🌈so cool that nm has plugins and then hardcodes openconnect stuff in itself.02:14:13
@colemickens:matrix.orgcolemickens 🏳️‍🌈so of course we patch it, so even if you configure NM without openconnect, it gets pulled in. which pulls in gtk+ even with noXlibs >_< damnit nm this is becoming quite a rabbit hole02:14:46
@colemickens:matrix.orgcolemickens 🏳️‍🌈ah I can steal a trick I've seen you do in crossSystem to fake out the openconnect package and override it into my networkmanager's build02:16:07
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrhmmmmm https://developer.oculus.com/blog/unlocking-oculus-go/02:23:59
@_xmpp_aszlig=40aszlig.net:matrix.orgaszlig left the room.03:17:34
@jkarlson:kapsi.fiEmil Karlsonnice05:10:55
@jkarlson:kapsi.fiEmil Karlsonwonder if you have to unlock before they unexplicably lock your account after not even logging in05:11:50
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@_xmpp_aszlig=40aszlig.net:matrix.orgaszlig joined the room.10:24:29
@sandro:supersandro.deSandroDo we have any openstack swift maintainer here?17:06:44

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