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19 Oct 2021
In reply to @dminuoso:matrix.org
eyjhb: docker is absolutely horrid. It's not a "new shiny technology", it's poorly bolted on container ideas

I know, but it is seen by many as "new shiny technology" and used many many places as you say :)

People also have a bad habbit of saying "docker" when they mean containers...

@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoeyjhb: I tend to stay clear of those folks.09:24:59
@eyjhb:eyjhb.dkeyJhb dminuoso: what would you personally use to run containers, and build the FS for the containers? 09:26:29
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoI dont use containers.09:26:42
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoThe thing is, a tool should be applied to solve specific problems you have09:27:22
@linus.heckemann:matrix.mayflower.deLinux Hackerman whaaaat no that can't be right! The tools are there for creating the problems! 09:28:16
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoSo with containers/cgroups you're getting high amount of isolation, giving you a cheaper form of virtualization. But that comes at the cost of making networking a bizarre problem now.09:29:23
@linus.heckemann:matrix.mayflower.deLinux Hackerman(/s just to be sure)09:29:34
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossNo more complex than with virtualization though, surely? Like presumably you can just use a veth or something?09:30:29
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoqyliss: Well you have a bunch of intrarelated problems now, because you're still sharing the same kernel. How do you manage IP space, routing, firewalling, etc?09:31:31
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa Rossisn't that scoped to network namespace?09:31:44
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoWith proper virtualization it's not a big deal, since these problems are manageable from inside the virtualization boundary09:31:53
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoqyliss: Maybe? There's just a lot of missing tooling outside of k8s.09:33:22
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoIm sure you can manually construct routing and firewalling09:33:41
@qyliss:fairydust.spaceAlyssa RossWhat tooling would you need that wouldn't be equivalent to doing it in a VM though?09:33:50
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoqyliss: With VMs you can go as far as connecting your VMs directly into EVPN powered VXLANs.09:34:29
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoDepending on hypervisor capabilities09:34:33
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoI mean yeah perhaps you can do this sort of thing by hand if you manually configure your frr to do the EVPN side, and manually put containers into macvlans, 09:36:45
@toonn:matrix.orgtoonn I have Avahi set up with allow-point-to-point. And I have two POINTOPOINT interfaces, one of which supports MULTICAST. But I can't seem to resolve Avahi domains (xyz.local) across these interfaces. Should I expect this to work? I haven't set up any reflectors yet because I'm not sure it's a good idea to have a reflector on each end of these (parallel) POINTOPOINT links. 10:57:11
20 Oct 2021
@lourkeur:nixos.devlourkeur (Nix OwO) set a profile picture.09:11:29
@lourkeur:nixos.devlourkeur (Nix OwO) changed their display name from Louis Bettens to lourkeur (Nix OwO).11:19:37
@lourkeur:nixos.devlourkeur (Nix OwO) changed their profile picture.13:05:53
@lourkeur:nixos.devlourkeur (Nix OwO) changed their profile picture.13:09:34
@elvishjerricco:matrix.orgElvishJerriccoHm. Why isn't my system getting dns...19:44:38
@elvishjerricco:matrix.orgElvishJerriccoOh, lul, wrong ethernet cable19:46:52
21 Oct 2021
@eyjhb:eyjhb.dkeyJhbWish my ISP would figure out why my IPv6 isn't working. Maybe it's the same thing... :(09:13:05
@hexa:lossy.networkhexaneed to upgrade to business contract for proper support09:46:09
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoft set a profile picture.13:42:22
@eyjhb:eyjhb.dkeyJhbIt's a small company, so the only one that could do all the stuff is the CEO, who was currently doing a certificate or something. But it works now! :D They have changed how they do their entire setup16:52:31
@eyjhb:eyjhb.dkeyJhbUnsure if it's for the better.16:52:36

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