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29 Sep 2021
@garbas:matrix.orggarbasHey. I'll have to skip today's meeting due to not feeling good. Sorry for the late notice.19:02:41
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30 Sep 2021
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2 Oct 2021
@ncfavier:matrix.orgnf changed their profile picture.00:16:56
6 Oct 2021
@rosariopulella:matrix.orgRosario Pulella changed their display name from rosariopulella to Rosuavio.10:38:29
@rosariopulella:matrix.orgRosario Pulella changed their display name from Rosuavio to Rosario Pulella.10:44:54
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9 Oct 2021
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11 Oct 2021
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13 Oct 2021
@ysndr:matrix.orgysndr Hej sorry I will have to skip today’s meeting.
I had a talk regarding the CfgMgmtCamp next year and will draft a discourse post announcing it
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrgood to hear about cfgmgmtcamp18:46:50
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr garbas: heads-up 13 minutes, just in case :) 18:47:14
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr tomberek, bpiv400, are any of you expected to or not to join? 19:03:55
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr(and it's over)19:15:11
14 Oct 2021
@tomberek:matrix.orgtombereksorry, today was swamped00:59:53
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrno biggie, made for a quick meeting01:07:53
@tomberek:matrix.orgtomberektry next week?01:09:18
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrno need to01:09:41
@tomberek:matrix.orgtomberek(with 2.4 immenent)01:09:48
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrwell, if needs be01:09:57
@garbas:matrix.orggarbas samueldr sorry for missing. I was thinking i will make it, but alarm didn't wake me up ... I'm running low on sleeping last 10 days. 06:34:33
@ncfavier:matrix.orgnfhttps://github.com/NixOS/nixos-search/pull/368 needs an approval13:54:11
@samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr garbas: no worries, take care of yourself and your family first 17:36:27
21 Oct 2021
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