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18 Jul 2022
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19 Jul 2022
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22 Jul 2022
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26 Jul 2022
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27 Jul 2022
@gytis-ivaskevicius:matrix.orgGytis IvaskeviciusIdea: Nix Calendar - calendar with upcoming various nix events (talks/releases/etc)14:08:20
@raboof:matrix.orgraboofLike https://discourse.nixos.org/t/community-calendar/18589 but adding more to it and making it more visible?14:17:47
28 Jul 2022
@gytis-ivaskevicius:matrix.orgGytis Ivaskeviciusyep,exactly 😅19:45:04
1 Aug 2022
Download netlify.png
@niksnut:matrix.orgniksnutMassive traffic spike on Jul 2708:10:49
@niksnut:matrix.orgniksnutTop location: Indonesia with 365,937 page views08:12:07
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@gytis-ivaskevicius:matrix.orgGytis Ivaskevicius
In reply to @niksnut:matrix.org
Top location: Indonesia with 365,937 page views
Do we have more info on this? Like which pages were viewed or how are views counted (if it counts random requests - probably some scanner)
@gytis-ivaskevicius:matrix.orgGytis Ivaskeviciusor maybe at least we have IP's count?11:18:10
@niksnut:matrix.orgniksnutWe don't have detailed logging at the moment (I'm thinking about enabling logging to S3). But netlify does show 1.9M hits for / in the last 7 days.11:20:16
@niksnut:matrix.orgniksnutthere were also suprisingly many hits from russia, brazil, colombia and india11:21:41
2 Aug 2022
@hexa:lossy.networkhexamy experience with high peaks from single countries is usually ddos related 😓13:00:40
3 Aug 2022
@davidak:matrix.orgdavidakyeah, could be ddos11:34:30
@hexa:lossy.networkhexabrazil is known for many hacked mikrotik routers, some country in asia has an open proxies project supported by some university11:42:17
@hexa:lossy.networkhexait's wild11:42:19
@hexa:lossy.networkhexa * it's wild out there11:42:21
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@rapenne-s:tchncs.deSolène (she/her)I made a NixOS 101 talk to try to explain basics to newcomers who often get overwhelmed by the new concepts and the amount of documentation, can I share the YouTube link?13:24:36
@lassulus:nixos.devlassulusplease do13:25:22
@rapenne-s:tchncs.deSolène (she/her) Here it is https://youtu.be/pfY9Hc_zChs 13:25:39
4 Aug 2022
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@stigo:matrix.orgstigohi there! is there any preferred place to get nixos merch like stickers? restarting meetups in Oslo soon, so was thinking to stock up on some :)13:05:38
6 Aug 2022
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7 Aug 2022
@rapenne-s:tchncs.deSolène (she/her)

unsure if marketing, but I got NixOS to run on the hosting provider https://openbsd.amsterdam/



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